History of Elwood's


90′s – Present

Elwood’s Cyberpunk Saloon (2005 – Present)
The Badlands of Capay, CA

The latest version of Elwood’s, located in the badlands of Capay, was established in 2005. Elwood’s currently hosts live music, DJ’s, erotic puppet shows and robotic backhoe fights. It is only the latest incarnation in a long series of bars, public houses, speakeasies, saloons, and originally, even a haberdashery.


The Bar at Elwood's 2005

The Bar at Elwood’s. (2005). Badlands of Capay, CA

Elwood’s is currently closed to the public. Only friends of the owner and members of the secret societies who meet there are allowed to know the exact location and attend exclusively private events. You know, if there were such things as secret societies, which of course there are not.

Elwood’s hosts a 12ft diamond plate steel bar, stage, DJ booth, dance floor, pool table, Foosball, poker table, arcade, library, Ataris, stadium couch seating and one of the largest Sierra Nevada collections in the quadrant. Please visit our Virtual Elwood’s page for a photo tour.



The bar at Elwood's

The Bar at Elwood’s. (2011). Badlands of Capay, CA

As is tradition, the current owner is only known by the name “Elwood” until the time of his death. He is the descendant of Elwood Von Jaxon, owner from  1887-1901. Ownership was claimed by the current Elwood when he discovered that Von Jaxon’s loss of ownership in a poker game was never legally contracted and sued in court to claim the business and all current assets and profit from 1901-1995, an amount totaling $144. Also claimed were neon lights, a poker table, Hammond organ and a boar’s head.




Elwood’s Cyberpunk Saloon (1992-1995)
Chico, CA

The current Elwood’s is the the second location to bill itself as a “Cyberpunk Saloon” The first one being in Chico, CA in the 90’s, during the height of the Cyberpunk Movement.

Elwood’s Cyberpunk Saloon. (circa 1992). Chico, CA

The location was on Sequoyah Ave near the Esplanade, Chico CA. in a modest garage conversion. What started as an art installation for a class at Chico State (it received a “B”) became the afterparty spot of the summer in ’92. Pictured here is the chief bartender “Pickles.” Behind him, with arms outstretched as if to welcome you to hell is the builder/proprietor “Elwood.” The rules of the bar at the time were 1) No real names and 2) You must wear a hat. If you did not have either of those things, the house would gladly provide you with one or the other… but you weren’t going to like it.

60′s, 70′s, 80′s

Elwood’s Cyberpunk Saloon (2005 – Present)
The Badlands of Capay, CA



1920 – 1960

Elwood’s Cyberpunk Saloon (2005 – Present)
The Badlands of Capay, CA


1800 – 1920

Elwood’s Saloon (1868 – 1920)
Chico, CA


Fake Elwood's Saloon. (1880). Chico, CA

Elwood’s Saloon. (1880). Chico, CA









Fake Elwood's Saloon. (1890). Chico, CA.

Elwood’s Saloon. (1890). Chico, CA.
















This period saw several owners and managers including an ancestor of the current owner.


Clem “Elwood” Cannon. (1912).
















Phillip “Elwood” McQuinn. (1900).















Elwood Von Jaxon. (1887).















Phillip H. Elwood. (1888).












Origins: 1600 – 1700′s

Elwood’s Secret Tavern (1640 – 1670)
Dublin, Ireland