Welcome to Elwood’s!

lwood's Bartender in gas mask

“Because you want to go where nobody knows your name.”


Elwood’s: Because you want to go where nobody knows your name. It’s like the opposite of Cheers.

To be clear, Elwood’s is a real place, but it’s not a bar that’s open to the public… anymore. It’s a 1000sq ft private bar/game room at our place in the middle of nowhere in the Badlands of Capay. You have to be a friend of ours to come. But even still, there are “rules.”

The only original admittance rules for Elwood’s were these, and they still ring true: (1) Aliases only, no real names. (B) Everybody wears a hat. But don’t worry, The house has always been willing to “provide” you with either one or both. And (3) bring a bottle. It’s kind of a take-a-drink/leave-a-drink kind of a thing.

Drink prices are posted at the bar, but are pretty simple:   ___&___ is free (gin & tonic, Jack & Coke, Jameson & Jameson, etc.), beer is free, water is free, Mojitos (and the like) are $9000.

That’s about it for “rules,” but other general behavioral norms include:

• All wackadoodle ideas discussed in Elwood’s are covered under FrienDA.
• All pictures, video, obscene doodles or descriptions of what happened at Elwood’s are prohibited without the written consent of Elwood’s Cyberpunk Saloon, those involved, and Major League Baseball.
• No Blasters
• All evenings end with Rush: La Villa Strangiato